Different Fiscal year for parellel ledger in Fixed assets

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Different Fiscal year for parellel ledger in Fixed assets

Post autor: Ben12 » śr lis 28, 2018 3:30 pm

Hello I'm new to this forum. I need your suggestions on below :

Group Company: ZZZZ ltd --- has 2 company code. Only one Controlling Area for both the company codes: ZZZZ
Same chart of depreciation & chart of accounts in both the company codes.

Co code 1: ABC, FiscalYear: V3, Accounting principle: IFRS, Leading ledger: OL, Currency: GBP Co code 2: XYZ, FiscalYear: K4, Accounting principle: US GAAP, Non-leading ledger: NL, Currency: USD

What I have done till now :-

Step1: Maintain above 2 scenarios.

Step2 : Create one ledger group : "MM" and assign a dummy representative Ledger : "M1" in that group. So now we have 3 groups in total and they have their own representative ledgers in them( leading, Non-leading and MM)

Step3 : Set up wizard for delta area. So in total we will have 3 depreciation areas (leading, delta and non-leading ledger)

Step4: Here is my confusion :

1) Assign GL master to assets class as required. We have to do this 3 times : once for leading ledger (Fiscal year - V3) and 2nd time for Delta ledger and 3rd time for non-leading ledger(FiscalYear - K4). So WHICH non-leading ledger.... I should assigned to asset class --- NL or dummy ledger i.e M1?

2) How would reports will show in asset explorer? What should I exactly configure to get the reports? i.e : Run report twice: from 01.04.18 till 12.31.18 and then from 01.01.19 till 31.03.19 ( keeping the starting/Ending date same for both leading & non-leadingledger ) Download in excel and join them? Is there any standard practice in your real time environment?

Please give configuration steps for maintaining parellel ledger in Fixed assets WHEN fiscal years are DIFFERENT? I'm using ECC 6.0 EHP 7 with New GL.

Dziękuję bardzo.

Ps: Just trying not to miss any steps so please accept my apologies for such a long post. Also, my writing skills in polish are not good yet :)